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Milan, Italy

Fundraiser by Dinner Conversations

End Violence Against Women During the Covid19 Crisis

For many women and families suffering from domestic violence, being confined at home with an abusive partner due to the Covid19 is a living hell.

Women and families who live with domestic violence have no escape from their abusers during quarantine, around the world, as cities have gone into lockdown to stop the spread of Covid19 activists and survivors say they are already seeing an alarming rise in abuse.

Lockdown has triggered a “greater incidence of domestic violence for reasons including increased stress, cramped and difficult living conditions, and breakdowns in community support mechanisms”.

We are raising money to help women and families who are suffering from domestic violence during quarantine Covid19. 

You can make a difference, your donation can help create a world where women and families can live without  fear. 

To Donate, Please Click Here

All donations will go to Telefono Rosa

Dinner Conversations is a community where women celebrate women, we host events and online talks that empower women through connections and networking. Founded by Natasha Slater, British/American entrepreneur living in Milan -

"Now more than ever we need to make sure we are there for each other in this crisis, for many women staying at home is not a safe option"

Thank You

Dinner Conversations Team